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Seastorm fully supports all of its current products. For more information, please see a product breakdown below.

If you are someone using a product created by Seastorm and have any questions or problems, please just drop us an email at and we'll aim to help you as soon as we can.

Trialflare (

Seastorm will be able to provide support if you are a participant in a Trialflare trial or if you are an administrator of an organisation that uses Trialflare to run its surveys and trials.

Note that Trialflare was formerly known as Trilo.

Treadl (

Seastorm will provide support to all users of the Treadl weaving manager.

Reporting Treadl Group Noticeboard posts

If you wish to report a group noticeboard post for misuse or misconduct, please email with the name of your group and details about the post (such as the date and time and the username of the author).

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